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College Dream Team
2708 Hallmark Dr
United States
Program Description:
College Dream Team helps low-income students plan for, pursue, and achieve their college goals. We educate, mentor and provide comprehensive college admission guidance to these students. The College Dream Team Program supports research proving young people can overcome poverty with education. Our mission is to empower students by teaching self-reliance, college and career goal-setting skills, healthy living strategies, and resource-building tools. The College Dream Team Program is a unique, school site-based college admissions guidance program targeting 9th through 12th grade at-risk students at San Rafael High School and across the San Francisco Bay Area. San Rafael High School has Marin County's highest percentage of low-income students and lowest percentage of four-year college attendance, at only 39 percent. We have changed the lives of over 900 low-income families across the San Francisco Bay Area. Many of these students come from challenging backgrounds, having been exposed to violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and neglect. We believe higher education is a catalyst in overcoming the cycle of poverty. Factors such as abuse, neglect, and lack of family support deter or prevent many of our program students from pursuing a college education.