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Gateway Institute for Pre-College Education
160 Convent Ave.
Harris Hall Rm 14
New York
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Since its inception in 1986, the Gateway Institute for Pre-College Education has gained national recognition for its programs that prepare low-income and minority high school students for college and the pursuit of health and science-related careers. Gateway is a leader in curriculum innovation and experiential learning and has developed unique community-corporate partnerships to foster extra-classroom opportunities. By providing our students, teachers, and parents with essential support services, Gateway has achieved a distinguished track record.
Key features of Gateway include: A Team Approach - By keeping students and a team of teachers together throughout high school, Gateway maintains academic focus. Academically Rigorous Curriculum - Gateway stresses the importance of advanced placement courses, Regents curricula, and visits to explore college life and to learn about the academic requirements for the professions. Carefully Selected Teachers - Gateway teachers are committed to excellence, and Gateway provides its teachers with ongoing professional development. Summer Placements and Internships - Gateway career and college-oriented placements and internships provide students with opportunities to work with adults in professional settings. Unique Access and Partnerships - Gateway offers access to cutting-edge technologies in DNA laboratories for students and faculty. Partnerships with universities, museums, hospitals, research laboratories and other institutions enhance the high school learning environment. Involved Parents and Guardians - Parents play a central role in working with Gateway teachers and school administrators to help their children succeed. Gateway supports school meetings and activities with parents.