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Greenhouse Scholars
1820 Folsom St
Contact Name:
Leah Granzotto
Program Description:
Greenhouse Scholars provides multiple levels of support throughout all four years of college to ensure that our students not only graduate but are also prepared to serve as leaders and role models. The Greenhouse Scholars Young Professionals Program extends our support for our Scholars after graduation. For every Scholar in our program, we have approximately 50 volunteers, donors, and supporters who are opening doors for them and creating new opportunities for under-resourced students. IMPACT Scholars are provided with a strategic framework to elevate their impact, both individually and as a group, and inspire younger generations of students from low-income communities. FINANCIAL SUPPORT Scholars may apply for two forms of financial support each year; a four-year, renewable scholarship award of up to $5,000 per year and ‘flex funding’ grants of up to $2,000 per award. Flex Funding grants support a wide range of projects and experiences related to the vision and values of Greenhouse Scholars. SUMMER SYMPOSIUM An annual, world-class, multi-day gathering that brings together all of our Scholars. Workshops, speakers, panel discussions, and group projects allow Scholars to explore our core values, expand their thinking, and cultivate their leadership skills. SKILLS MODULES The broad range of our community’s expertise is shared with our Scholars through targeted, modular online content to help develop personal and professional skills. INTERNSHIP Scholars are coached through the process of finding and making the most of their internships, along with other in-person learning opportunities at various organizations. PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING Successful professionals from the Greenhouse Scholars community engage with Scholars, broadening their networks and connections. This diverse network motivates Scholars to think strategically about their direction and impact and provides essential insights and connections into the professional world. MENTORSHIP Greenhouse Scholars mentors are community leaders who guide, encourage, and inspire Scholars to achieve more than they could on their own. Scholars are matched with their mentor prior to college and maintain the relationship throughout college and beyond.