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Oliver Scholars Program
80 Maiden Lane, Suite 706
New York
United States
Contact Name:
Jessica Acosta
Program Description:
The Oliver Scholars Program identifies and engages extraordinary New York City students of African and Latino descent and prepares them for success at leading independent high schools and prestigious colleges. Our community of educators, mentors and peers encourages and promotes scholarship, service and leadership throughout the student's educational career. We provide crucial support for both the Scholars and their families to address the challenges of this transformative journey. The Oliver Scholars model prepares our target population of Black and Latino 7th Graders from working class, and middle class families, to embrace the challenge of learning at the accelerated pace expected of them by the finest Independent Schools. We reach out to public schools and community-based organizations throughout New York City to solicit nominations of students that actively pursue knowledge and demonstrate the potential for additional growth. Placement of each Scholar in a school that provides the right learning environment for their personality and desired goals is of the utmost importance. That is why we view parents as such a critical factor in our success. We maintain open lines of communications with our families, cultivating relationships, providing resources, and working hard to support their child's efforts. Our dedicated staff--four of whom are Oliver Alumni--complement the rigorous academics and skills building efforts by working closely with our young people and their families, along with their academic advisors at school. Every Scholar walks with confidence that the Oliver team has their back, and is ready to do whatever it takes to help them succeed.