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Urban Scholars Program
100 Morrissey Blvd.
McCormack Building, 3rd Floor, Room 008
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The Urban Scholars Program at the University of Massachusetts Boston, is a year-round program featuring advanced after-school classes, seminars, tutoring, and supervised study.
Mission Statement:
The Urban Scholars community believes that education is at the core of a successful, enriching life. We offer gifted and academically talented students a comfortable environment promoting learning and educational exploration. The staff and teachers work with students building the skills and motivation necessary for achievement at the highest level of their potential. Urban Scholars works collaboratively with our partner high schools to enhance their capability to develop the talent and potential of all students.
Our students possess the maturity and self-regard necessary to obtain their personal goals, and the staff is committed to their success. In the Urban Scholars Program, the students strengthen their skills, make friends, and do things they only dreamed of!!! From an original enrollment of fifteen academically talented Boston public high school students, we have served nearly 1,500 students. Graduates of the program have a college enrollment rate of 98 percent, compared to 57 percent for their peers from non-exam Boston high schools. Urban Scholars has a very diverse student body from both middle and high school. Some students' families have lived in Boston for generations, while others have only recently arrived from regions such as the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Asia. This wide diversity of student backgrounds makes Urban Scholars a fascinating and rich educational environment. Students have daily opportunities to learn from their classmates about the cultures, histories and traditions of many countries of the world.
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