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Asylum Hill Boys & Girls of Hartford
170 Sigourney Street
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Samuel S. Gray Jr.
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Program Description:
Boys & Girls Clubs of America believes that character development, the basic building block in personal development, should be an integral aspect of every Club program and activity. In support of this conviction, Aaron Fahringer, a regional director for the west coast in the 1950s, scripted the Boys & Girls Club Code as part of the celebration of the golden anniversary of the Movement. The code was adopted as official by the National Council in 1955, and was used extensively in the 50s and 60s. The Code is still displayed in many Clubs today.
Mission Statement:
For many that path will lead them to a door. A door that gives them a place to grow, to learn, to belong. A place to forge their future. For 153 years our Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford has opened our doors for our community's youth. Because while most doors open, our doors TRANSFORM. Open the door to a child's GREAT future. Make a contribution or volunteer your time. Every little bit helps us be the positive, safe place kids come to learn and grow.
A Boys & Girls Club Provides: * A safe place to learn and grow * Ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals * Life-enhancing programs and character development experiences * Hope and opportunity.