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Breakthrough New York
55 Exchange Place
New York
Program Description:
Breakthrough New York is a non-profit organization that transforms the lives of motivated, low-income students by preparing them for college so that they can succeed in the world.
Mission Statement:
Breakthrough New York is a six-year college access program committed to getting high-potential, low-income students to four-year colleges. We provide afterschool tutoring and summer enrichment programs to some of the best and the brightest middle school students from New York public schools, providing them on an ongoing basis with the academic preparation, guidance and mentoring they need to be able to attend selective four-year colleges.
We learn and lead flexibly and constantly. The best leaders are constant learners. We are courageous in doing what is right and necessary. We are relentlessly curious about how to be better. We embrace the sense of the possible. Every day is an opportunity to innovate, to grow, and to learn. We believe that making new mistakes means that we are stretching and we are never complacent. We approach experiences with a sense of optimism, joy and infinite possibility. Relationships matter. Through the trust and confidence that we build in our community, we work together to accomplish great things. We nurture our relationships through a spirit of generosity and mutual respect. We celebrate our differences and that which unites us. We model integrity. In our community and in each other we trust. We operate with honesty, honor and commitment to doing what is right. We are all in. We are highly engaged with each other, with our students and with our mission. We work hard and aim high because we are deeply dedicated to changing the world. We do what it takes to get it done.
Middle School (6-8):
High School (9-12):