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C5 Texas
3012 Industrial Terrace
United States
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Fulori Kirikiti
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Program Description:
The C5 Youth Foundation of Texas (C5 Texas) is a five year leadership development program for high potential youth from under-resourced communities in the north and central Texas areas. With our community nominating partners, we select a cohort of 72 students who begin our program the summer before 8th grade, and we work with each class providing curriculum that includes leadership development, social awareness, college access, career exploration, and community engagement. C5 Texas provides five Signature Summer Experiences that jumpstart and focus the curriculum for the upcoming year. The first two summers are spent at our summer camp in Killeen, Texas, where we focus on Leading Myself and Leading Others . The third summer, students travel to Wyoming to Expand My Horizons and are challenged to demonstrate their leadership skills for a 14 day back-country adventure. During their fourth summer, students visit college campuses to Explore My Future on a student designed experience. The final summer is spent Engaging My Community where students become advocates for issues that they identify in their communities. In conjunction with the summer experiences, C5 Texas also provides a series of year round events, or Pathways, to help students further apply the leadership skills first learned during their summer experiences. These pathways include job shadowing, college access workshops, leadership retreats, community service events, and leadership lunches with community leaders.