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College Bound St. Louis
110 North Jefferson Avenue
St. Louis
Contact Name:
Debbie Greenberg
Program Description:
Before we set out to build a program, College Bound stakeholders came together to identify our beliefs. A primary objective was to be passionate stewards of our mission, our students, our schools and our donors. Out of many discussions we arrived at The Six Essential Core Values. These values guide our behavior and capture the spirit of College Bound.
Number of Students Served:
Mission Statement:
To provide promising high school students from under-resourced backgrounds with the academic enrichment, social supports, and 20 life skills needed to apply, matriculate, and succeed in fouryear colleges and careers.
College Bound programming begins with students in their freshman year of high school and remains with them until they graduate from college. It has a daily presence in participating high schools and works closely with both families and high school staff, along with university partners, to ensure close alignment between high school preparation and college success. The College Bound culture is one of high expectations and support with an unwavering focus on degree completion. Through its “whole-student” braided approach to college access and persistence, College Bound has been able to achieve these goals: (1) High School Graduation: 100% of College Bound students have graduated from high school compared to 69% of low-income students nationwide and 53% of low-income students living in cities. (2) Postsecondary Matriculation: 100% of College Bound high school graduates have enrolled in college compared to 40% of low-income students nationwide and 19% of St. Louis Public School students. (3) Financial Aid: 97% of College Bound’s students have qualified for and received federal financial aid. Merit-based scholarship to College Bound students have totaled more than $17 million. (4) College Completion: 93% of College Bound students have reenrolled for their sophomore year and 80% have reenrolled for their junior year. Six in ten College Bound collegians are on track to receive high quality degrees by their mid-twenties compare to one in ten low-income students nationally.
High School (9-12):