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Genesys Works - Chicago
333 W Wacker Suite 1840
Contact Name:
Melissa Vater
Program Description:
Genesys Works - Chicago serves students through a holistic program which begins the summer before their senior year and runs for one calendar year. There are several different aspects of the program that come into play throughout the year. A student's first step in Genesys Works is to complete summer training. During the summer, students complete 8 weeks of intensive IT skills and professional skills training. Students use Cisco IT Essentials curriculum to develop a foundation of technological skills. The course engages students in hands-on computer hardware activities, software installation and imaging, and a variety of problem-solving activities designed to increase students' computer troubleshooting knowledge. Students are also taught the necessary professional skills that will allow them to thrive in a corporate environment. The training covers topics ranging from interview skills, professional writing and communication standards, and corporate culture. Outside of the classroom, students also participate in a lecture series presented by our corporate partners. The Genesys Works model is unique in its focus on bridging the gap between education and business, making local businesses a partner providing new opportunities to our low-income youth. The combined focus on the need for education and the potential for a professional career create a new mindset in the students who participate in the Genesys Works program.