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Horizons- Upward Bound
PO Box 801
Bloomfield Hills
Contact Name:
Drew Miller
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Program Description:
As a supplement to America's primary institutions responsible for weaving strands of our society into a cohesive fabric, the Horizons-Upward Bound Program at Cranbrook sees a future where the nation cares for children, expects their best, appreciates their diversity, invests in their futures, and welcomes their participation in the American dream. Horizons-Upward Bound is a program where this vision becomes tangible and these ideals are put to the test. We will keep our commitments, and as society supports such endeavors, our cities will become the centers of a strong equitable nation, with urban public and private schools joining together to teach the highest standards of educational excellence and to build our communities with the best talent available.
Mission Statement:
The mission of Horizons-Upward Bound is to prepare students from the Detroit Metropolitan area with limited opportunities to enter and succeed in post-secondary education.