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KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy
909 Broad St
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TEAM was founded on the belief that Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM). Both inside and outside of the classroom, students are consistently engaged in character-building teamwork with the motto: Team always beats individual. The freedom to innovate in the classroom both attracts great educators and allows their talents to drive constant learning and improvement. We strive for constant improvement in all we do. Just as students are constantly learning and improving themselves, so too are the teachers and staff. Our students spend 70% more time in the classroom than their peers in traditional Newark public schools. As a result of their exceptional hard work and dedication, they are on track to reverse the odds for all students in Newark.
Mission Statement:
The mission of TEAM Schools is to instill in our students the desire and ability to succeed in college, in order to change the world.
At KIPP, all teachers and school leaders nationwide share the same goal: helping every student persevere to and through college. All KIPP schools share a core set of operating principles known as the Five Pillars. As our network has grown, and leaders across the country have committed to building high-quality schools, we have reflected on what makes a great system of schools. We believe any high-performing system of schools requires several integrated elements. The focus must be on college graduation and success in life. Both academics and character are critical to a college-prep education. Outstanding leaders are critical to every school’s success. A strong school network must foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement. What you measure matters.