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NJ Leep, Inc.
Seton Hall Law School
One Newark Center
United States
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Matt G. Feinstein
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NJ LEEP is a community-based organization that empowers urban youth in grades eight to twelve from underserved neighborhoods in northern New Jersey to perform at high academic levels by building skills through law-related, mathematic, and other educational programs, developing the habits necessary for lasting success and community leadership, and offering exposure to role models who have achieved academic and professional success.
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Skills: Educational empowerment must begin with concrete skill building. Students must understand the basics of grammar, writing, reading comprehension, and logical analysis if they are to strive toward and excel in post-secondary education. NJ LEEP recognizes that basic skills can most effectively be taught in a model of creative, interactive student-centered learning which empowers the students to believe they are themselves developing and applying important skills. Thus, NJ LEEP utilizes mock trials, constitutional debates, and other law-related educational tools to excite students about learning, while teaching them important skills which are concurrently leveraged to boost SAT scores and GPAs. Habits: NJ LEEP recognizes that habits and values such as diligence, respect, self-sacrifice, organization, and cooperation are essential elements of a successful academic and professional career. NJ LEEP builds an every day culture of respect, order, self-discipline and accountability which allows students to develop the character necessary for academic achievement. Staff members consistently embody these characteristics and understand that the achievement of each individual student can benefit the entire community. Exposure: It is very difficult to develop a vision of success if one has never seen such success manifested. NJ LEEP is committed to the pipeline diversity project which seeks to encourage greater minority representation in the legal profession by exposing minority students to legal study at an early age. Through our the mentoring program, local attorneys volunteer to be assigned to our students. Mentors take students to their place of employment, help them prepare for law-related events, and meet with and advise them in their academic pursuits.
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