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Project GRAD Knoxville
700 East Hill Avenue
Suite 100
United States
Contact Name:
Angela Hamstead
Program Description:
Our Vision: We see a world of hope - where there are no limits on potential, the greatness in every child is inspired and celebrated, and dreams are realized through opportunities and education. Project GRAD Knoxville (Graduation Really Achieves Dreams) is a college/career access program serving fourteen high need public schools (ten elementary, two middle, two high) plus graduates of those two high schools who are pursuing post-secondary education. In partnership with Knox County Schools and the communities we serve, our mission is to impact generational change through education. Our K-16 approach focuses on: college/career access and success, social services support, family/neighborhood/community engagement, and intentional supports for disadvantaged students. Approximately 7,000 students are supported by school based staff, college support coaches, and field support. Additionally, computerized scholarship research centers are provided at the high schools. Both high schools are configured as small learning communities/academies. Upon graduation from either of the two high schools, eligible students receive a $4000 scholarship to any accredited post-secondary institution. The criteria for receiving this scholarship are: students must graduate on time, maintain a 2.5 or higher GPA, and complete two PGK college institutes.