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In Reach, Inc.
9103 Woodmore Center Drive #133
United States
Contact Name:
Toni Smith
Contact Email:
Program Description:
Founded in December 1999, IN REACH is a youth-driven, community-focused 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization positioned to respond to the unmet developmental and academic needs of children and youth living in Prince George's County, Maryland.
Mission Statement:
IN REACH believes that students should always be in reach of a quality education, opportunities in their communities for development and, ultimately, their dreams. In order for IN REACH to be successful at helping students reach this goal, it prepares them for college, work and life.
IN REACH envisions healthy, productive and prepared young adults in every family. IN REACH fulfills its mission through a combination of efforts organized in three core strategic areas: advocacy, outreach, and public engagement; direct services; and special initiatives to: --Engage students in academic-based programs and opportunities, --Advocate for the improvement of all systems affecting children and youth particularly public education, and --Create forums for interested parties serving children, youth and their families, to share in the exchange of ideas and information. Guiding Principles --Caring adults who value children and youth --Safe places for youth to learn and live, gather and socialize --A healthy start for all children with appropriate supports into young adulthood --Meaningful educational experiences --Opportunities to help others through service learning Key Strategies Strategy I: Outreach/Public Engagement. IN REACH is committed to raising awareness and engaging stakeholders in the issues that currently challenge its mission. We advocate by creating, collecting and disseminating information and uniting voices to speak on behalf of children, youth and their families. Strategy II: Direct Services. IN REACH's direct services are at the heart of the organization. IN REACH programs engage students in opportunities that will prepare them for college, work and life. Strategy III: Special Initiatives. IN REACH values collaboration and engages in and initiates special projects to advance its mission and fulfill its vision.