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See Forever Foundation & Maya Angelou Schools
1436 U Street, N.W
Ste. 203
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The Maya Way is a comprehensive approach to education that focuses on academic achievement, social and emotional support, career and college preparation so students are ready for life after Maya, and finally, a robust alumni program to continue to support our scholars after they have graduated from a Maya Angelou School. The Maya Way is a belief in the potential of every young person to achieve. It has been said that the students that others run from, we run towards: the majority of the students we serve have repeated a grade, have a history of chronic truancy or suspension, have been incarcerated or are in the foster care system. Nearly 30 percent of our students have special needs. This is twice the average for public schools in the city. The Maya Way is also a commitment to parents that we will never give up on their child. We believe in the Maya Way because of our results. For example, 73 percent of our high school graduates enroll in college, and more than 80 percent persist into their second year. Founded in 1997 by David Domenici and James Forman, Jr., the See Forever Foundation was created to offer a holistic program to teens involved in the juvenile justice system. At that time, court-involved teens told our co-founders that they wanted to earn money, learn marketable skills, and gain responsibility. When they returned to school, they also wanted to attend small classes with teachers who cared about them, and they wanted help making hard decisions. We opened our doors in 1997 as a comprehensive program for 20 teens, all of whom were committed to the D.C. Department of Youth and Rehabilitation Services or were on probation. That year we sponsored a school naming contest. Sherti Hendrix, a member of our first graduating class (Class of 1999), wrote the winning essay, advocating for the school to be named after Dr. Maya Angelou. The Maya Angelou Public Charter School was incorporated In the spring of 1998 as separate nonprofit subsidiary.
Mission Statement:
The mission of See Forever Foundation Maya Angelou Schools is to create learning communities in lower income urban areas where all students, particularly those who have not succeeded in traditional schools, can reach their potential and prepare for college, career, and a lifetime of success.
At Maya Angelou the students develop the academic, social, and employment skills they need to build rewarding lives and promote positive change.
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