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South Central Scholars
29000 S. Western Ave.
Suite 207
Rancho Palos Verdes
United States
Contact Name:
Joey Shanahan
Program Description:
South Central Scholars (SCS) identifies motivated and gifted students from inner city, disadvantaged communities throughout Los Angeles, who are seeking to transform their lives through a college education. While these students are bright and talented, they have limited knowledge of which colleges are best suited to them and which career choices are available to them. They are less well read, underexposed, and undereducated compared to their competition from the surrounding communities. They don't have the support of college-educated adults to guide them through the college process. Our students lack the financial resources needed for college. SCS seeks to eliminate these obstacles. SCS now works with over 90 high schools to find students with the potential to succeed in college and life. Given their background, less than 50% of these students are expected to graduate from college. With our programs, support, and volunteer networks, 99% of SCS students graduate from the leading colleges and universities in the country. Additionally, nearly 80% of students plan to pursue graduate programs. SCS has supported over 770 students to date. There continues to be significant inequities in educational opportunities in Los Angeles. South Central Scholars students come from some of the lowest performing high schools in Los Angeles. Despite this, SCS students matriculate into the best universities in the world, including all of the Ivy League colleges, many private liberal arts colleges, and all of the UC campuses.